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Hey there. Welcome to The Visi Experience Blog, your resource for all things Visi.

You can find all kinds of detailed Visi info around this website, but in a nutshell: Visi is a remarkable new line of all-natural health supplements.

I first got involved with Visi because of my wife. We’re both always looking for little ways to make ourselves and our lives a little better. Visi has done that, without question. I’ll explain a bit more about how, exactly, it has in future blog posts.

Oh, by the way, I’m Brandon, TVE’s Communications Coordinator.

This blog is going to be all about Visi and how it’s impacting other people’s lives, so it’s not really about me at all—but I think it’s important for you to understand that I’m not really the type of guy to hawk products I don’t personally believe in. For the past several years, I’ve made my living as a professional skeptic—that is, I’ve been journalist for national media such as Men’s Journal, ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com, GQ, Outside, and more.

Before that, I was a college baseball player aspiring to go pro, and I put on 35 pounds of muscle between my freshman and senior years of college. I’ve never been the type to hop on health and fitness trends. I haven’t done P90X, Insanity, CrossFit, or anything like that, and I’ve never taken any health supplements other than whey protein.

But now I’m using Visi’s products, and that’s why I took this opportunity to blog for The Visi Experience. We like making our lives better, but I also love helping people make their lives better, too.

I’ll bring you loads of detailed information on the science and secrets of why Visi works, and I’ll bring you story after story of people for whom Visi has changed their lives. I’ve seen people suffering from depression become happy. I’ve seen lazy people get motivated. I’ve seen guys who relied on sleeping pills for a decent night’s sleep quit taking them after they started using Visi products.

Visi doesn’t just make all of that happen. These are supplements, not magic pills. But they are really amazing supplements.

It has a lot to do with our brain’s neurochemistry, our body’s biology, and other science-y stuff that I had to get other, smarter people to explain to me. And I’m a huge nerd who loves writing about all that, so trust me, I’ll get to all that soon, right here at The Visi Experience Blog.

So stay tuned. I’ll break down anything and everything you’d ever want to know about Visi right here.

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