What exactly is Visi’s “Ten, Two, and a Chew” program?

“Ten, Two, and a Chew” is really simple: At 10 a.m. you take one Vinnle and at 2 p.m. you take another Vinnle and a Probita chew.


You can read all about the Vinnle pills here, but basically, Vinnle gives you energy, focus, and calm throughout the day incomparable to other common sources of energy. Coffee is my personal favorite source of caffeine and energy, and yeah, it gives you a great high to work with—but once that wears off, you can crash pretty hard unless you keep yourself fueled up. I’m also a sucker for energy drinks, but they’re incredibly unhealthy, they’re loaded with sugar, and they make you pretty jittery.

Vinnle has really impressed me with how smoothly it delivers all the great benefits of coffee, and then some.

As you’ll read on the Vinnle page, it also helps burn fat. Some people have compared it to the prescription attention deficit disorder drug Adderall. It’s nowhere near that intense, but since I began taking Vinnle a few days ago, I’ve been phenomenally focused on my task at hand.

For instance, I have a deadline in four days, and I spent all day today working on that story—and now I’m writing this blog post in the wee hours of the morning. Part of that has to do with simply how excited I am about working for The Visi Experience, because I really like having a product to believe in and help push out into the world. But I’d have passed out a long time ago if it weren’t for Vinnle.

I actually take both of my Vinnle at 10 a.m. Now, some people get jittery when they do this, but this all depends on your body’s biological makeup. We’re all wired differently. It’s not necessarily related to size, however: My wife weighs … well, we all know not to discuss our ladies’ weight, but trust me when I say that she is teeny-tiny, and she takes both Vinnle first thing in the morning, too.

Now, as for Probita: You may also eat as many Probita chews as you want. They have nothing but healthy, natural ingredients, and they don’t have the energy-boosting substances packed into Vinnle, so they won’t give you jitters or anything like that. And they’re a great little snack if you get those mid-afternoon or/and late-night hunger pangs. Because of how loaded they are with protein and other great nutrients, they quickly curb your body’s cravings for junk and other food. And they’re only 20 calories each, so chow down!  

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